alice in wonderland adult costume 5 costume ideas to inspire you

An Alice in Wonderland adult costume is a must-have outfit this year for Halloween thanks to the huge film release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 2010.
Using an Alice in Wonderland adult costume party theme gives you a whole variety of quirky, interesting characters to choose from - some with fabulously outlandish clothing - which means that the theme would work very well as a group of characters or as couple: Why not team up Alice with the Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit? Or pair up the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter - or even try a male and female version of the Mad Hatter and get ready to wreak mad havoc at the Tea Party!
5 Key Alice in Wonderland costume ideas to inspire you
1. Alice in Wonderland adult costume
The classic, most well-known Alice in Wonderland dress is innocent blue with a white apron, with hair ribbon or ‘Alice band’. Accessorise with white glovettes and white lace up knee-high boots. Of course your Halloween Alice doesn’t have to be sweet and innocent… try a Gothic Alice in Wonderland or even American McGee’s dark, twisted version of Alice complete with sultry, dark wig, vibrant blue dress, blood spattered white apron and black leather boots.
2. The Queen of Hearts adult costume (AKA Red Queen)
If you want to stick to a truly wicked Alice in Wonderland character for Halloween then The Queen of Hearts is the way to go. There are variety of costumes styles you could go for… a more traditional, regal look would include a red and black floor length dress and train adorned with hearts, a big red wig and a hat or crown. Or for a dark, gothic, sexy number go for a red and black tutu style mini skirt with lots of black lace petticoats, long red and black striped stockings and a cheeky little hat perched on top tumbling dark tresses (don’t worry there are plenty of great wigs available online).
3. Mad Hatter adult costume - Male or female
The Mad Hatter Halloween costume is probably the most fascinating and outlandish costume of all the characters. You could either knock together your own outfit and buy a huge Mad Hatter hat and red wig or buy a complete outfit based on Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. There are even female versions available of the Mad Hatter costume so think outside the box.
4. White Rabbit Costume
You can either go the whole hog and dress up in a giant white rabbit outfit (perhaps more suitable for guys) or go for a sophisticated, sexy female rabbit complete with bunny ears, white shorts/hot pants or leggings, cropped jacket and large pocket watch (a key accessory for this character so you could simply make one out of card and attach it to outfit so that it swings about)